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Benefits Of A Resin Patio For Your Home

Benefits Of A Resin Patio For Your Home

Resin paving will make an ideal choice for your paving when you want to transform your outside space because of its numerous benefits. You can be confident that your outside space is elegant, environmentally friendly, long lasting and easy to maintain. Its benefits include:

High porosity

Resin patio has an open matrix that promotes easy absorption and run off. This high porosity also discourages water logging. This is beneficial to any vegetation as they have access to water. It also reduces the damaging action of freeze. This quality is beneficial as it maintains a sustainable drainage system.

It offers a great decorative appeal

Resin patio creates a beautiful and striking patio that is attractive. It gives you the ability to create a bespoke design as all the stones used are natural and are available in different sizes. It also allows one to create unique designs using symbols, patterns and boarders. A range of colours that blend perfectly in traditional and contemporary style are used to create an appealing site. The resin mixture holds the stones together perfectly enhancing a smooth finish that provides a gravelly appearance.

It requires low maintenance

A pristine finish is maintained by cleaning the resin bound patio surface using a stiff brush. This is simple and keeps your paving immaculate. This surface does not support the growth of weeds and puddles hence they can be brushed away easily. Its maintenance is easier because of its durability and design or layout.

It is long lasting

It is laid offer a concrete or tarmac surface hence it is hard and does not wear easily. The resin is also resistant to ultra-violet light thus they do not crack easily. Their resistance to UV light enables them to retain their colour. This enables it to retain its pristine appearance for a long period. It can serve for many years when it is properly installed and maintained.


A resin bound surface can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from wheelchair ramps to footpaths. This is because they are easily accessible and portrays a non-slip quality. Their durability also makes them versatile as they will serve for a long period. One can inlay logos, slogans and wordings and this makes their application in places like business organisations effective.
It is SUDS compliant.
The resin patio meets the standards and regulations of Sustainable urban Drainage System that were set to help manage flood risks and water quality. It achieves this because of its polarity nature hence it is environmentally friendly. It absorbs water and encourages water run off hence flooding cannot occur. No planning permission is required during installation of this resin patio.

Quick and easy application

Installation of resin patio does not consume a lot of time as it is easier. The time and effort put into work depends on the size of the project. It does not require site evacuation and can be completed in a matter of hours.

It provides a smooth finish

Resin mixtures hold the stones tightly hence they will not scatter underfoot. Cracking does not occur easily hence a long-lasting finish is maintained. A resin bound patio surface is hand finished creating a flat surface that has no loose chippings. This enables one to enjoy a gravelly appearance.
It is resistant to ultra-violet light

The resin mixture that holds the stones together is resistant to the effects of sunlight. Therefore, it does not break or crack easily due to thermal effects. This quality also enables it to retain its colour for a long time as discolouration does not occur.

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