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Outdoor Parties over Indoor Parties

Outdoor Parties over Indoor Parties

We have been hearing it since the 3rd grade that man is a social animal. Of course as a child, it never really made that much sense to us, however as we grew older, it became easier to understand. We live for interaction, be it physical or verbal. Human beings thrive in relationships, this does not include romantic relationships alone, filial bonds, the bond between friends etc. are all very important.
While some of us despise small talk, others enjoy it quite a lot. Some people are introverted while others are extroverted. However, contrary to popular belief, introverts do not enjoy being alone. They also have a tightly knit friend’s circle that they rely on. There is no right answer as to which type is better and it does not matter. How a person chooses to interact is entirely up to them.
outdoor_party_games_dragon_tail_chaseIn today’s fast-paced world where everyone is flooded with responsibilities, we are all so wrapped up in our own little world that we forget to look around us. While social media allows us to stay connected we people, we do not actually try to start an actual conversation. If anything more and more people are becoming isolated and alone. If anything, there is a need to get out of this bubble we have created and reach out to people.
It is important to catch up with the people in your lives. It can be friends, family or colleagues etc. It is important to bridge the gap and mend our relationships. If you have a large get together planned than a restaurant might not be an appropriate option, besides it does not feel as intimate either.
You could invite everyone at your house and house parties are always a better idea. You can order in, kickback and relax. However, not everyone is okay with the idea of a large crowd inside their house because cleaning up afterwards is always a pain. So, you can kick it up a notch and have an outdoor party.
This is a good idea if you have a bigger backyard. There are endless options that way, not to mention the extra wiggle room as well. If you have had composite decking done on your patio, you can set up tables and a proper seating area there as well.

With outdoor parties, you do not have to worry about people breaking any expensive vase or such. Even if you do have expensive pieces in your lawn, you can always move them somewhere else before the party starts.
Another major plus point is that you do not have to worry as much about the mess being created. Indoor parties can get messy. Food or wine can spill on the sofa or carpet, someone’s shoes can leave scruff marks etc. With outdoor parties, all those worries are a think of the past and even if you do spill something on the composite decking, the biggest advantages is that they are relatively easier to clean and won’t stain. So, don’t hesitate to call your friends and reconnect now.