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What makes composite decking eco-friendly?

What makes composite decking eco-friendly?

The modern family strives to be environmentally conscious, recycling every aluminium can and shred of paper that passes through their household. They carefully choose the products they buy, using their purchasing power for the greater good. However, it hasn’t always been easy to match environmental sustainability with quality merchandise.

When deciding to build or rebuild your deck, the first thought that comes to mind is likely durability. Given our often wet British climate, we are unwilling to invest in a product that does not weather well. We want our families to enjoy outdoor living, grilled meals, late night chats under the stars, all on a deck that lasts year after year, no matter what the climate throws at us.

Now there is no need to compromise the health of our planet for a quality product.

Composite decking is the best of both worlds: decking built to last through our toughest weather, made with recycled wood and plastic. Instead of having that wood and plastic take up space in landfills as it slowly breaks down, it is reclaimed into factories and turned back into durable decking.

The composite decking process combines the recycled wood with both virgin and recycled plastic particles, uses recycled water during the manufacturing, and more than 50% recycled material for the packaging.

In addition, composite decking doesn’t require paints, stains or sealants. This means fewer chemicals at the end-user level. No leftover tins of environmentally unfriendly sealant to bring to the tip! This is because the wood-grain is impressed into the molten material during the manufacturing process. It looks like wood, it’s made partly from wood, but it is far stronger than the average piece of treated timber decking.

Because of its plastic-like finish, it cleans up easy and doesn’t stain from weather or wear and tear. There is no need for harsh chemicals to clean a composite deck, either. Sweep it off, wash it with mild dish soap and water, and hose it down. It’s that simple!

Built to last, the average homeowner will buy this product once, and won’t ever need to replace it. This again is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. All those worn out wooden decks your neighbours are ripping out every five years go into the making of your once-in-a-lifetime purchase. It provides great equity and curb appeal to your home, while giving you the satisfaction of knowing that in a largely disposable culture, you have a beautiful deck that will last through all the seasons of your family.

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